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Whether you’re looking to purchase a home, putting yours up for sale, or exploring rental options, get up-to-date information about the Miami real estate market all in one place.

  • Median home price: $271,200.
  • Median rent: $1,056.
  • Unemployment: 8.1%.
  • Population: 443,007.
  • Median age: 40.0.




Miami Real Estate Market Predictions 2022

Florida Housing Market Predictions 2022

Overall, the Florida housing market is still pretty hot and is expected to stay that way throughout 2022. Learn more.

Miami Real Estate Market Trends and Predictions for 2022

What are the Miami Real Estate Market Trends and Predictions for 2022? Check out this podcast.

Miami Real Estate Market: Prices | Trends | Forecasts 2022

After getting hammered by the pandemic, the Miami and South Florida housing markets bounced back in July 2020. The demand for South Florida real estate has been increasing since then. Read more.


Miami Real Estate Market 2023

Miami Housing Market: Prices, Trends & Forecasts 2022-2023

There are many reasons for buyers, sellers, and investors to be interested in the Florida city, which begs the question: Is Miami real estate a good investment? Read more.

Miami housing market 2023

Rising interest rates have impacted buyers’ ability to afford new homes in the area, which has resulted in declining sales. Read more.

2023 Miami Market Predictions

What does the 2023 market look like for Miami? Get the answer here.


Miami Real Estate Market Crash

Miami’s real estate market is cooling down

After two-plus years of plummeting inventory and sky-high home prices, Miami buyers can finally get some relief. Learn more.

Is the South Florida real estate market crashing?

The last eight months of 2022 have been about the market slowing. Questions linger as to how bad the decline in the market is and whether it’s headed for a crash. Learn more.

Miami-Dade housing prices rose again as affordability crisis continues in South Florida

As many South Florida residents face a housing affordability crisis, local home prices continued to rise last month. Read more.


Miami Real Estate Prices Dropping

Home prices in South Florida are finally falling – but is it enough for struggling buyers?

For those who have been waiting for the market to cool down, this is great news. But how significant is that drop in prices? Get the answer here.

South Florida home sales keep falling as price growth slows

Median prices kept their upward trajectory across the tri-county region, though price growth is slowing on a monthly basis. Learn more.

South Florida Home Prices Fall, but Key Issue Remains

After climbing steadily from September through June and reaching historic high marks of $579,000 for a house and $410,000 for a condo, prices are finally dropping. Read more.



Making sense of Miami: what America’s refuge city says about the US’s future

Miami is a “unique case in the history of the US where the identity of a city was born, in a sense, in another country”. Read more.

Will Miami’s Underdeck Right A Historical Wrong, Or Leave Black Residents Behind Again?

The Underdeck bridge project could be a pioneer of reparative planning. Or it could lead to further displacement in this once-thriving Black neighborhood. Read more.

Gentrification strikes Miami’s Little Haiti as beach residents flee rising water

Little Haiti, a small neighborhood of just 3.5 square miles, is home to about 33,000 residents, most from Haiti and the Caribbean, and it’s already suffering the consequences of gentrification. Read more.



Miami Crime Map

The chance of becoming a violent or property crime victim in Miami is 1 in 28. FBI crime data shows Miami is not one of the safest communities in America. Learn more.

Miami News

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Top Real Estate Agents

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