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Steel Door Guards

DAWGS door guards feature a true 6-point locking system, just like a bank vault. And they are modular, so we can secure any size and shape, giving you the freedom to come and go without worry.

The DAWGS Door Guard Advantage

DAWGS Steel Door Guards allow for safe, reliable and managed access to your vacant properties.  DAWGS Door Guards offer coded or keyed locking mechanisms depending on the customers’ access requirements.

There are no hinges or handles, so the only people that can use this door are the people you give access to. And DAWGS heavy duty steel doors can’t be kicked down or broken, so once it closes behind you, you’re completely secure inside your property.

DAWGS Door-Only Solution

There are times when it is not necessary to secure an entire property with window and door guards, in these cases, DAWGS offers a Door-Only Security Solution.

Real Estate Professionals do not always require an entire building to be secured with door and window guards, they just need to provide easy access for realtors to come and go to show their properties.  Keeping track of keys and lock boxes can be a headache to manage.  A lost key may mean a lost sale.  With the DAWGS coded Steel Door Guard, realtors can provide easy access to realtors and prospective buyers to come and go as needed.

More Information About DAWGS

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