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Why use DAWGS to secure your vacant property?

Industries/Markets Served


Whatever market you’re in, proper security for your vacant property is vital to your success. When your vacant property isn’t protected by DAWGS, it’s at risk for vandalism, theft, crime and even accidents like fires and floods. Why take the risk? DAWGS works in the following markets:

When you protect your vacant property with DAWGS, you get the peace of mind that comes with our unparalleled strength, enabling you to repair and sell your property faster and without worry. Intrusion, damage and slow construction make it harder to manage your property, but DAWGS gives you the freedom to move at your own pace while effectively eliminating most safety concerns. No matter your vacant property security needs, no matter what business you’re in, DAWGS allows you to get it done faster, easier and safer than ever.


Improves Curb Appeal

DAWGS neutral color and simplistic design improves property appearance with unmatched security.


Eliminates Break-ins

The result is secure assets, faster turnaround times, on-time and on-budget projects.


Code Compliant

DAWGS vacant property security solutions adhere to local property ordinances, ensuring that your properties are always up to code.

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