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The DAWGS executive team has a strong belief that it is important to give back to the community. They have demonstrated this by partnering with Shore Community Services, Shore Joseph Koenig, Sr. Training Center located in Morton Grove Illinois.

Since opening its doors in 1949, the Shore Community Services team has been passionate about helping individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities build a better future. They offer many support and training programs for children and adults with special needs.

DAWGS uses Shore Packaging Solutions to sort and rekit their equipment once it is removed from a property. After the equipment is removed from a property, the loose items are put into a bulk bin and shipped to Shore Services. Upon arrival at the Shore Training Center, the items are resorted and rekitted for reuse.

The relationship has been a win-win for DAWGS and Shore Services. DAWGS receives competitively priced, quality packaging services while Shore is able to provide work for 20 trainees through this recurring project.

As DAWGS operations have grown beyond the Chicago area, so has their community outreach efforts. DAWGS is finalizing similar outsourcing partnerships with organizations in Toledo OH, Dayton OH and Detroit MI.

Jim Glass, Partner and VP of Engineering at DAWGS comments “DAWGS supporting community services is a core value. Shore handles the sorting and rekitting of our equipment once it is removed from an installation. They offer quick turnaround and have a great QA process, this allows DAWGS to meet the time-sensitive demands of our customers and also support the community.”