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DAWGS Day of Service with Humble Design

Furnishing Homes for Families Escaping Homelessness in the Windy City

On a chilly Chicago morning, April 25th 2018, DAWGS (Door and Window Guard Systems) partnered with Humble Design to provide a brighter future for a struggling, hard-working mother and her four children.

Chicago based DAWGS, the leading manufacturer and provider of steel door and window guards for vacant property security, has a long history of giving back to the communities they serve. When Humble Design approached the DAWGS team and asked them to sponsor and take part in a Day of Service — to provide home furnishings for a deserving family in Chicago, DAWGS did not hesitate to support the initiative financially and by providing DAWGS employees to do the work.

The Makeover:

DAWGS Day of Service with Humble Design resulted in moving a deserving mother, a victim of domestic violence, and her four children out of a shelter and into a safe, fully furnished garden apartment with four bedrooms and one bathroom.

The beneficiary of the DAWGS Day of Service is a very special family. This mom, an amazing quiet warrior of a woman, is in school full time, studying to obtain a degree in Nursing. She also works full time and is a single parent raising four children. She is doing all the right things to provide a safe environment for her children. If ever a dedicated hard-working mother deserved a helping hand it would be this mother and this family.


The DAWGS Day of Service with Humble Design began early in the morning. Nine DAWGS team members met at the Humble Design warehouse where they loaded trucks and cars with new home furnishings that would soon transform an empty apartment into a comfortable home.

After departing the warehouse, they caravanned to the apartment where the DAWGS and Humble Design teams cleaned the residence from floor to ceiling. Once the residence was clean, they moving in the furniture and décor and furnished and decorated the home.

Watch the video of the new home revealed to the family.

Later that afternoon the new home was revealed to the family. There were tears and hugs and laughter when the family saw the home. DAWGS had also learned that the mother did not have her own laptop and needed to borrow one in order to do her homework. Upon hearing this, DAWGS purchased a new laptop and surprised the family with this gift at the reveal.

Brandon Buhai, Vice President at DAWGS spoke of the experience “Working with Humble Design to provide this family with a furnished home and a brighter future was a heart-warming experience for all of us who participated. This mom is working so hard to provide for her family, she was so truly grateful. It was really great for us to see our efforts change lives in real-time.”