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Products to Secure Vacant Property

Whether you’re looking for an impenetrable door guard, window guards or both, DAWGS has the security solutions to grant your vacant property security needs unmatched protection.


What DAWGS Does

Designed for versatility and strength, there’s nothing a DAWG can’t do. Our modular window and door guards are designed to fit virtually any opening, giving your building an unparalleled level of security. And since these door and window guards can only be installed and taken down with our own unique tools, you know that nobody can access your property unless you want them to.

Fast, Easy Door and Window Guard System Service

Our service teams install and remove DAWGS quickly, ensuring that you have them right when you want them and never a day longer. Powder coated in a neutral color for easy cleaning, DAWGS blend right in, giving your building inconspicuous security and a dramatically upgraded exterior appearance that lasts.

Q2 Zombie Properties on the Rise

ATTOM’s latest Vacant Property and Zombie Foreclosure Report for Q2 shows that 1.3 million (1,304,007) residential properties in the nation currently sit vacant, representing 1.3% of all homes in the U.S., or one in 76 homes. Among those pre-foreclosure properties,...

Challenges with Vacant and Abandoned Properties

Vacant and abandoned properties and the blight that comes with them cause numerous problems for local communities- namely, decreased property values, increased safety hazards, and reduced local tax revenue. The effects snowball as the public responds to the lowered...

DAWGS Provides a Cost Effective Alternative to Plywood Board-Up

The team at DAWGS has spent more than a decade touting the advantages of steel door and window guards over its plywood counterpart. Not only is steel more cost effective over time, but DAWGS security solutions are rented, not purchased, which makes them reusable and...
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