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Real Estate Owners & Agents

When real estate owners and agents know their property is safe, they can show and sell it faster and easier than ever before. Our door and window guard systems ensure that you’re never at risk when you’re on the job.

When you sell real estate, confidence is key. When our door and window guards are in place, you can feel unwavering confidence that you and your property are safe, no matter who is or isn’t inside. DAWGS keeps your windows and doors completely sealed, and the only people who can open the door are the people you give access to, so you never have to worry about surprises when you visit a property.

Protecting yourself and your clients has never been easier than it is with DAWGS.

Being alone in a property shouldn’t be a risk, and with DAWGS, it never is. Our door guards have no exposed hinges, handles or locks, so only the people you choose can open them. That way, you and your clients can tour properties anytime, anywhere without your safety ever being a concern. DAWGS give you the freedom and the confidence to safely show your properties whenever you want, allowing you to sell them faster and move on.

Our flexible, fast-response installation teams can put up and take down DAWGS window and door guards whenever you need them. Click here to contact our rental services department and learn more about your options, or call us at 1-877-88-DAWGS (32947).


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