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Schools & Hospitals

Protecting vacant schools and hospitals from intruders makes communities safer.

Schools and hospitals are at the heart of most communities. Protecting vacant or partially-vacant schools and hospitals with DAWGS steel window and door guards keeps them safe from

intruders. DAWGS unmatched vacant property security, prevents buildings from becoming hotspots for crime, vandalism and squatters.

Keep vacant schools and hospitals secure, communities safe and fight blight with DAWGS.

At DAWGS, we work with both public and private stakeholders to provide steel-secured solutions for virtually any school or hospital project. DAWGS provides the utmost in durability and strength for unsurpassed vacant property security. Our door and window guards come in neutral colors, and their unique powder coating makes graffiti removal easy. DAWGS window and door guards provide security, safety and curb appeal – all in one solution. DAWGS modular design makes them perfect for doors and windows of all shapes and sizes. Click here to request a quote or to learn more our vacant property security options, or call us at 1-877-88-DAWGS (32947).


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