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Welcome to this overview of Los Angeles, a city in California with an interesting real estate market. In this text, we’ll provide you with insights on the city’s housing market, home values, crime rates, and other neighborhood resources. Whether you’re a property investor, realtor, manager, or simply interested in learning more about Los Angeles’ real estate landscape, read on to discover valuable information and resources.


Los Angeles is a city in California and consists of 107 neighborhoods. There are 7,263 homes for sale, ranging from $1 to $195M. Los Angeles has affordable duplex/triplexes.

  • Median listing home price: $1.2M
  • Median listing home price/Sq ft: $720
  • Median sold home price: $949.5K



Los Angeles, CA Housing Market

In December 2023, Los Angeles witnessed a 4.0% increase in home prices compared to the previous year, reaching a median price of $957K. Homes now typically sell in 49 days, compared to 57 days last year. The total number of homes sold decreased from 1,344 to 1,312. Read more.

Los Angeles Housing Market Trends And Forecast for 2024

Explore the Los Angeles housing market forecast for 2024, with data indicating a 5.0% increase in average home value, totaling $901,342. Swift sales within 18 days and a modest +0.7% growth forecast highlight a dynamic yet resilient market for buyers and sellers. Don’t miss out on the trends of the Los Angeles housing market.

Los Angeles Home Values

Check out Zillow’s report about Los Angeles home values.


How communities are reimagining LA’s vacant lots

Citizens, contractors and community activists are reimagining the ways the lots can be utilized—with solutions ranging from temporary housing sites to plots for shared gardens. Learn more.

The Citizens of Skid Row: A View from Inside the Hub of L.A.’s Unhoused Community

Since the ’70s, this downtown has been a symbol of the city’s urban blight. But for the people who live there, it’s a neighborhood with codes and customs all its own. Learn more.


Los Angeles Crime Map

With a crime rate of 36 per one thousand residents, Los Angeles ranks among the highest in the U.S. One’s chance of being a victim is one in 28, with violent crime rates notably high. Property crimes, including theft and burglary, also contribute significantly to the city’s crime statistics. Read more.

Top Real Estate Agents

Looking for a real estate agent? Here are the 10 Top Real Estate Agents in Los Angeles by sales transactions.


Community Development And Urban Renewal Associations

Community Development Support

Small Business, Leadership, And Community Engagement

Community Support



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