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Securing Vacant Property FAQS

Why Should You Invest in Property Preservation Systems?

Open, vacant, abandoned, zombie, forecloser, and rehab buildings, especially those with board-up, are attractive targets for intruders and are vulnerable to threats like vandalism, unauthorized occupation, and theft.

These buildings can become a source of blight, such as illicit activities and pests, that affect the entire community – compromising public health and safety and devaluating the neighborhood value.

Property preservation systems like DAWGS are key to maintaining the community’s welfare.

For years, plywood was the go-to material to cover doors and windows on vacant properties. But today, a better alternative is protecting these openings with metal security shutters – and DAWGS has spent more than a decade providing clients with the best empty building security systems.

At DAWGS, we design to safeguard properties. Our door and window shields are made with heavy-duty steel, making them a perfect choice to prevent blights and keep your vacant investment property and the surrounding community safe.

If you are a Dallas property specialist, vacant building investor, rehabber, or short sale agent, get in touch with DAWGS to give your empty building a vault-like visual deterrent and impenetrable physical barrier!

Call the DAWGS for a complete and cost-effective safeguard property solution for your vacant investment.

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