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Securing Vacant Property FAQS

Why Not Board Up a House or Empty Building with Plywood?

Managing vulnerable vacant properties in Atlanta can be challenging and demanding, especially in certain neighborhoods where one could ask more from public security.

If you think that board-up windows and doors are enough to keep your property safe, here are a few things to consider that might change your mind:

  • Plywood is a flimsy material that can be easily breached. There’s no need for excessive force or specialized tools – anyone could trespass on it.
  • Weather is a great enemy for plywood if it isn’t well protected. Too hot, and the material could dry out and crack; too rainy, and it could get damp and rot; too cold, and it could sliver.
  • Some pests, like termites, eat wood, further damaging the material.
  • Because of its deteriorating characteristics, plywood needs to be replaced every now and then. This means extra expenses for your pockets.
  • Plywood is not very flattering for the building’s aesthetics. It makes properties look unkept, sending a message that it is abandoned.
  • Intruders feel lured by board-up properties because they look easy to break in.


Instead of boarding up your vacant investments with plywood, protect them with DAWGS door and window guard systems to prevent intruders from accessing empty buildings.

DAWGS uniquely designed steel door and window security shutters grant a visual deterrent, durable vault-like protection, and an impenetrable physical barrier that will effectively safeguard vacant properties.

Let the DAWGS be your first line of defense!

Contact us today for a customizable solution that meets your needs.

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