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DAWGS steel door and window guards compared with Armed Guards

Why choose DAWGS door and window guards over armed security guards? The answer is simple. Skilled security guards are expensive and the liability of armed security guards is also problematic.

Prevention is critical for vacant property security. DAWGS steel door and window guards have been proven in high-crime areas in Detroit, LA, Chicago, New York, and so on. Vacant and unattended residential properties can attract crime, cause blight, and threaten public safety.

The best way to avoid threats is to prevent them before they happen. That’s precisely what DAWGS does with impenetrable steel door and window guards that ensure your vacant property is appropriately covered.

You won’t need to worry about break-ins, vandalism, theft, unauthorized occupation, nuisance abatement fines, and any other problem that goes with leaving an empty building unattended when DAWGS is there to protect your vacant investment property.

Choose DAWGS’ cost-effective rental property preservation services to give you peace of mind with real steel shields covering each opening on your vacant property.

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