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The city of Newark, NJ, is taking proactive measures to address the issue of vacant and abandoned properties, which can significantly impact the quality of life in its neighborhoods. By implementing stringent foreclosure and vacant property registration ordinances, Newark aims to ensure that property owners, mortgagees, and trustees take responsibility for their properties. This article briefly overviews these ordinances, detailing the registration process, fees, and the city’s efforts to mitigate property neglect and blight.


Please note that DAWGS does not provide legal advice. Our services are focused on helping you secure and maintain your vacant properties in compliance with local ordinances.

Foreclosure And Vacant Property Owner Registration

In order to comply with the Newark Foreclosure and Vacant Property Registration Ordinance(s), ALL Owners/Mortgagees/Trustees must register online and pay a registration fee:

Measures To Mitigate Vacant, Abandoned, Deteriorated, & Foreclosed Properties

Newark’s Mayor Ras J. Baraka announced new ordinances combating the blight of vacant properties. The legislation penalizes owners of vacant lots and mandates registration and maintenance to prevent neglect.

Abandoned Properties in Newark

Interested in acquiring an abandoned property? Here’s an official list.

Bottom Line

Compliance with Newark’s foreclosure and vacant property ordinances is essential for maintaining the city’s neighborhoods and preventing the detrimental effects of property neglect. By registering vacant and foreclosed properties and adhering to maintenance requirements, property owners contribute to the overall well-being and safety of the community. Newark offers resources and official lists online for those interested in acquiring abandoned properties or seeking more information. Together, we can support Newark’s initiatives to keep the city vibrant and thriving.

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