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In a city as dynamic and populous as Chicago, the presence of vacant properties can have significant negative impacts on neighborhoods. To address this issue, Chicago has implemented a series of stringent vacant property ordinances. These regulations are designed to ensure that owners and mortgagees take responsibility for maintaining their properties, thus mitigating the adverse effects on the community. This quick guide will provide an overview of Chicago’s vacant property ordinances, including how to check the status of a vacant property, register it, and comply with city regulations.


Please note that DAWGS does not provide legal advice. Our services are focused on helping you secure and maintain your vacant properties in compliance with local ordinances.

Check the status of vacant property

Chicago implements stringent registration and maintenance mandates for vacant buildings, aiming to mitigate their detrimental effects on neighborhoods. Non-compliance by owners and mortgagees is met with city intervention. Obtain and track information about vacant buildings anywhere in the City of Chicago, register your vacant building as required by ordinance, and more here.

Chicago Vacant Buildings

To report derelict buildings in Chicago, submit a “Vacant/Abandoned Building Complaint.” Get a tracking number for updates by providing contact info. For emergencies, call 311. More details on city policies online.

Municipal Code of Chicago

The “Keep Chicago Renting Ordinance” aims to safeguard residents’ health, safety, and welfare, mitigating the adverse impacts of foreclosures on communities. It emphasizes preserving rental properties and preventing post-foreclosure vacancies.

Rules For Registration And Securing Of Vacant Buildings

From registration and fee requirements to methods for securing vacant buildings, in this document, you’ll find seven key rules for vacant property owners in Chicago.

Vacant Buildings FAQ

The City of Chicago’s official website has compiled a list of frequently asked questions from the general public. Whether you want to help tackle the issue of vacant buildings or have inquiries regarding foreclosure, this is the ultimate source of information for you.

Bottom Line

Understanding and adhering to Chicago’s vacant property ordinances is crucial for property owners, mortgagees, and residents alike. By following these regulations, we can collectively work towards maintaining the safety, health, and overall well-being of our communities. For more detailed information and resources, including how to report derelict buildings or find answers to common questions, the City of Chicago’s official website is an invaluable tool. Let’s work together to keep Chicago’s neighborhoods vibrant and secure.

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Ensure your vacant properties are secure and compliant with local ordinances.

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