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Managing vulnerable vacant properties can be challenging. With so many different solutions in the market, what is the best way to protect your vacant investment property from trespassers, theft, and squatters?

Security cameras might detect suspicious activity in your vacant property, but they won’t be able to protect it from intruders – surveillance is not a solid barrier against crime. Trespassers can take whatever they want from your vulnerable building in the time it takes to report the intrusion and bring law enforcement into action.

The Best Way To Ensure Property Preservation Is With Dawgs Steel Window Screens And Door Guards. Empty buildings attract criminals, and our DAWGS door and window guards will secure your vacant property by preventing unwanted trespassers, unauthorized occupation, and vandalism

With DAWGS on the scene, you can manage your property with the confidence and security granted by steel door and window security shutters. As a leader in vacant property security, DAWGS’ impenetrable products are uniquely designed to conquer the security and safety challenges surrounding vacant investment properties.

Call the DAWGS to protect your vacant investment property.