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Securing Vacant Property FAQS

Why Invest in Steel Door and Window Guards from DAWGS?

Every city has challenging neighborhoods where you could ask more from public security systems – and Los Angeles is no exception to this rule.

Here’s why you should invest in DAWGS:

  • When considering property security, we usually think about human intruders and forget about animals that can access the property and cause damage to valuables inside the buildings and to the structures themselves. Safeguarding your property can prevent animals’ entrance and keep your valuables secure.
  • The most obvious answer is to prevent squatters and trespassers from accessing your empty building. After all, you don’t want to be a victim of unauthorized occupation, burglary, or vandalism.
  • When leaving a vulnerable building on its own, it’s an issue that concerns you and the community surrounding your property. Safeguarding buildings prevent blights that can affect the neighborhood.
  • Every investor wants greater revenues, and protecting vacant investment properties helps keep pockets happy by saving time and money during projects.


If you want a way to completely safeguard your vacant property, DAWGS has the answer for you.

As a leader in the property security industry, DAWGS has perfected the best modular door and window guards to provide clients with a solid and impenetrable barrier to deter intruders from accessing the property.

The DAWGS won’t damage your property – on the contrary, they will add a nice curb appeal to the building, granting a well-kept and secure appearance that will definitely keep trespassers at bay.

Let the DAWGS be your first line of defense!

Contact us today for a customizable solution that meets your needs.

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