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Securing Vacant Property FAQS

Who Uses DAWGS?

Preventing threats is crucial in the vacant investment property business; unfortunately, it isn’t easy, especially when managing multiple properties simultaneously in different locations.

DAWGS helps secure, maintain, and manage vacant properties. That’s why property specialists, vacant building investors, rehabbers, and short sale agents, prefer DAWGS to protect their vacant property and, most importantly, retain its value while keeping up with local ordinances.

Open, vacant, abandoned, zombie, foreclosure, and rehab properties are vulnerable to security and safety concerns that significantly affect project timelines and revenue capacity.

DAWGS’ vacant property security systems are perfect for protecting your vulnerable properties. Our door and window security screens are designed to be entirely impenetrable, with an integrated vault-like security system and a nice curb appeal that won’t affect the building’s aesthetics.

If you are a property preservation business, foreclosure cleanup, foreclosure clean-outs, foreclosure cleaning, mortgage field services, REO trash outs, field asset services, property field services, or a field services business in Springfield, get in touch with DAWGS.

Let the DAWGS be your first line of defense!

Contact us today for a customizable solution that meets your needs.

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