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Securing Vacant Property FAQS

Do You Have a Vacant Property in Miami and Need to Know How to Protect it from Intruders?

Vacant properties in Miami neighborhoods attract criminal intentions that put your investment in trouble and jeopardize the neighborhood’s welfare. Therefore, they must always be secure to avoid threats and unpleasant fines.

Here are some tips that will help you protect empty buildings from intruders:

  • Maintain the surroundings clear: extravagant ornaments and leafy shrubs and trees can provide hiding places for trespassers waiting to break in. Keeping a clean landscape is a better call when considering vacant property security. If you can’t remove the items, try adding more light to avoid shadows that could hide an intruder.
  • Make sure the property is well illuminated: lights on inside and outside of the building make it look occupied – working as a visual deterrent for squatters. Plus, it makes it easier to see any suspicious activity on the property.
  • If you have a garage, secure it – don’t let this be an access point to your valuables.


Complement these strategies with a property preservation security system like DAWGS.

DAWGS window security shutters and steel door guards provide an attractive and cost-effective way to safeguard your vacant investment property – whether they are opened, vacant, abandoned, zombie, foreclosed, or rehab houses.

As a leader in vacant property security, DAWGS has spent years enhancing the best vault-like safeguarding system of modular steel door and window guards. Our products can fit openings of any size and shape to grant you peace of mind about your property preservation at cost-effective rental prices.

Let the DAWGS be your first line of defense against vacant investment property threats!

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