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Vacant properties, though unoccupied, are not exempt from potential security threats. Unattended New Orleans buildings can attract vandals, squatters, and other criminal activities. To safeguard your vacant property and ensure it remains an asset rather than a liability, implementing robust security measures is essential. In this blog post, we’ll explore 15 effective ways to enhance the security of your New Orleans vacant property.

DAWGS door and window guards protecting vacant properties in New Orleans

DAWGS door and window guards protecting vacant properties in New Orleans

1. Regular Inspections are Crucial

Frequent inspections are the backbone of vacant property security. Establish a routine to check the property, identifying and addressing vulnerabilities promptly.

2. Fortify Entry Points

Strengthen doors, windows, and other potential entry points. Reinforce them with quality locks, deadbolts, and security doors to discourage unauthorized access and enhance your vacant property security in New Orleans.

3. Use Visible Signage

Clearly display warning signs such as “No Trespassing” and “Property Monitored” to deter potential intruders and communicate that the property is actively supervised.

4. Invest in Quality Lighting

Well-lit properties are less attractive to criminals. Install motion-activated lights to cover dark areas, ensuring visibility and deterring criminal activities during the night.

5. Deploy Video Surveillance Systems

Install a comprehensive video surveillance system with visible cameras. The presence of cameras alone can deter criminals, and recorded footage can be crucial in the event of an incident.

6. Secure the Perimeter with Fencing

Enclose the property with a sturdy fence to establish a clear boundary and discourage trespassers. Choose a fence design that complements the property’s security needs.

7. Professional Security Services

Consider hiring professional security guards or services to provide a physical presence on-site. Trained security personnel can respond quickly to security threats and deter potential intruders.

8. Leverage Remote Monitoring Technology

Utilize remote monitoring systems that enable real-time observation of the property from a distance. This allows for swift response to any suspicious activities.

9. Maintain Landscaping Regularly

A well-maintained landscape not only improves the property’s appearance but also signals that it is actively cared for, reducing the likelihood of criminal interest.

10. Implement Fire Prevention Measures

Reduce the risk of fires by removing combustible materials and implementing fire prevention strategies. Ensure that electrical systems are properly maintained and functioning.

11. Remove Valuables from the Property

Minimize the attractiveness of the property to thieves by removing valuable items such as appliances, copper wiring, and any other items of significant worth.

12. Board Up Windows and Doors

Secure windows and doors by boarding them up. This not only deters break-ins but also protects the property from weather-related damage.

13. Engage with Local Law Enforcement

Build a positive relationship with local law enforcement. Keep them informed about the property’s vacant status and seek their advice on additional security measures.

14. Community Collaboration

Inform neighbors about the property’s unoccupied status and encourage them to report any suspicious activities promptly. A vigilant community is an additional layer of security.

15. Adhere to Local Regulations

Stay informed about local ordinances and regulations pertaining to vacant properties. Complying with these guidelines ensures legal adherence and avoids potential fines.


While a New Orleans property may be vacant, it should never be left unprotected. By implementing these 15 security measures, property owners can enhance the safety and integrity of their unoccupied spaces, ensuring that they remain assets rather than liabilities in the community.