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ATTOM Data Solutions’ just released Q2 2021 Vacant Property and Zombie Foreclosure Report found that 1.4 million residential properties in the U.S are vacant in Q2 2021, representing 1.4 percent of all homes. The report also found that the number of pre-foreclosure homes or Zombie homes sitting empty in Q2 2021 – 8,078 – is up both quarterly, by 21 percent, and annually, by 5.6 percent.

The latest vacant properties report compiled by ATTOM, analyzed publicly recorded real estate data — including foreclosure status, equity, and owner-occupancy status — matched against monthly updated vacancy data. Vacancy data is available for U.S. residential properties at

The report noted that 223,671 properties are in the process of foreclosure in Q2 2021, up 27.5 percent from Q1 2021 but still down 13.3 percent from Q2 2020.

According to ATTOM’s Q2 2021 vacant property and zombie foreclosure analysis, the portion of pre-foreclosure properties that have been abandoned into zombie status dropped slightly, from 3.8 percent in Q1 2021 to 3.6 percent in Q2 2021.

The Q2 2021 analysis also reported that among the nation’s total stock of 99 million residential properties, the portion represented by zombie properties remains minuscule, but has grown slightly. In Q2 2021, one of every 12,256 homes are sitting empty in the foreclosure process, up from one in 14,825 in Q1 2021 and up from one in 12,967 in Q2 2020.

The report noted that New York continues to have the highest number of zombie properties in Q2 2021 (2,052), followed by Ohio (1,033), Florida (1,021), Illinois (897) and Pennsylvania (401).

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