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Remodeling Magazine’s 2020 Cost vs. Value Report takes a look at national average costs for 22 home remodeling projects.

It compares construction cost estimates for each project with the likely resale value. To get those resale estimates, the researchers surveyed real estate agents in 136 U.S. real estate markets, asking them these projects’ value when a remodeled home is sold.

Some of these are “upscale” jobs, others are “midrange” in cost. Although regional results vary, nationally, none of the jobs here can be expected to totally recover their cost.

Here, from bad to worst, are the 11 projects that make particularly poor choices for payback.

11. Bath remodel (midrange)

Average cost: $21,377
Return on investment: 64%

10. Bath remodel (universal design)

Average cost: $34,643
Return on investment: 62%

9. Roofing replacement (metal)

Average cost: $40,318
Return on investment: 61.2%

8. Major kitchen remodel (midrange)

Average cost: $68,490
Return on investment: 58.6%

7. Master suite addition (midrange)

Average cost: $136,739
Return on investment: 58.5%

6. Bath remodel (upscale)

Average cost: $67,106
Return on investment:

5. Bathroom addition (upscale)

Average cost: $91,287
Return on investment: 

4. Bathroom addition (midrange)

Average cost: $49,598
Return on investment: 

3. Major kitchen remodel (upscale)

Average cost:$135,547
Return on investment: 

2. Grand entrance (fiberglass)

Average cost: $9,254
Return on investment: 

1. Master suite addition (upscale)

Average cost: $282,062
Return on investment: 

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