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DAWGS Vacant Property Security Customer Spotlight

Asia Denson, owner of Denson Construction Services, LLC and The Detroit Property Shop pledges to provide real estate investors peace of mind that their residential or commercial projects will be completed to the highest quality standards. In order to deliver on this promise to her clients, Asia depends on DAWGS Vacant Property Security to secure her properties throughout the renovation process.

DAWGS steel door and window guards deter break-ins, prevent material theft and other criminal activity while allowing Asia to provide managed, reliable access to her properties. By partnering with DAWGS, rehabbers are able to deliver projects on-time and on-budget.

Why Rehabbers Choose DAWGS Vacant Property Security

In the Construction and Rehab industry time is money. Securing vacant property during the building or rehab process is critical. DAWGS Vacant Property Security protects your building and everything in it. With DAWGS, new construction and rehabs are completed on-time and on-budget, meaning more profits in your pocket.

Rehabber security is important
Rehabbers can do more projects per year using DAWGS.

Deters Break-Ins
Resulting in faster turnaround times, plus on-time, on-budget projects.

No Lock Boxes or Key Management
No need to coordinate keys and lock boxes with contractors and tradesmen. DAWGS doors have a built-in 4 digit code to solve this problem.

No Stolen Tools and Materials
A secure property means contractors can leave tools and materials in the property in the evening. This reduces the time and the cost of the rehab.

No Safety Concerns
Real estate agents sell properties faster because they feel safe showing the property and are guaranteed reliable.

Rehabber Security is Job #1!
Protect your empty properties with confidence – Your renovation projects will be secure with DAWGS Vacant Property Security.