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Securing a vacant property if it is a multi-family property is typically not an all or nothing undertaking. For instance on a 4-flat property, one unit may be vacant while the remaining 3 units house tenant families. In a larger development, this could mean securing a wing or section of the property while it is under rehab or construction. DAWGS has extensive experience securing vacant property in stages and recommends this approach.

Why should you secure a multi-unit or large development partially or in stages?

  1. Secure the property once it becomes vacant to retain any value in the property and prevent any squatters or nefarious activity
  2. Secure the property during the rehab/construction phase to increase the pace of the rehab and keep building materials onsite and prevent any theft during construction
  3. Secure the property post construction to retain the value of the property as well as ensure a smooth transition for any new tenants and/or owners

DAWGS manages all aspects of installation, maintenance and de-installation.

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