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DAWGS is Vacant Property Security

Since 2009, the engineers and real estate pros at DAWGS have been revolutionizing the building security industry, one door, one window at a time.

As a leader in vacant property security, our impenetrable, proprietary door and window guards are uniquely designed to prevent theft, vandalism, and occupation.

How DAWGS Works

DAWGS patented steel door and window guards eliminate the risk of break-ins or tampering. Installed by our highly responsive, flexible labor crews, DAWGS door and window guards stay firmly in place with virtually no risk of being compromised.

Our skilled technicians are available on short notice to take down and reinstall guards whenever you need, making vacant property security more convenient than ever before.

Who Uses DAWGS

DAWGS door and window guards are perfect for any vacant properties, whether you need daily access or simply the peace of mind that your property is protected. They’re for anyone needing reliable, hassle-free vacant property security solutions, including:

If you have a vacant property, DAWGS will keep your building safe.


Hands down the best security company for rehab properties!! No other company is more effective with amazing customer service! I should know I sell more rehabs in the Chicagoland area than anyone else. I trust DAWGS to protect my investor’s homes. Simply the best! Thanks guys!” -Frank Montro, Chicago’s Leading Rehab Broker, Frank Montro Homes

I don’t like having to deal with security issues. When DAWGS handles the security, I feel confident that everything is taken care of. Period.” -Lawrence Rhum, Senior Workout Officer, Distressed Assets, Harris Bank

DAWGS products and services have helped us to ensure that we are able to meet our constantly changing needs while saving substantially on security costs.” – L. Mark DeAngelis, Esq., Managing Member, DWA Capital Group

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