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The vacant property security specialists: DAWGS

Vacant Property Secured with DAWGS Security Screens

Properties become vacant for a variety of reasons. The home may be on the market and the previous owner has already vacated the property, a property may be going through renovations, it may be bank-owned as a result of foreclosure or it may simply be an abandoned “zombie property.”  Whatever the reason for the vacancy, the risks associated with vacant property are numerous.

Vacant Property Security Risks

Vacant properties attract squatters, vandals and criminals as well as drive down property values. Theft of equipment, materials, furniture, appliances, and fixtures are costly problems. Abandoned, boarded-up properties are also at a greater risk for fire, vandalism, defacing, and other illegal activities. 

Property owners are not just responsible for the losses and repairs resulting from break-ins, they can also be held liable for injuries that occur on the property or damage caused to neighboring properties. 

Security Options for Vacant Property

Plywood board up is common method used to secure a vacant property. Calling an emergency board up service may be appropriate for quickly securing a property or business in the wake of a fire, hurricane, tornado or other natural disasters, but it is not the best solution to secure your vacant properties under non-emergency circumstances.

There are problems with board up — it is an eyesore that does little to improve the market perceptions of the neighborhood. In fact, a boarded-up property can stigmatize the entire neighborhood and reduce the market value of an entire neighborhood. Board up is also easy to bypass, simple to remove, leaves damage to the property and is non-reusable. Board up also contributes to neighborhood blight and can invite trouble by visibly announcing that “this property is vacant” to criminals. 

Other options used to secure vacant properties include security personnel and guard dogs. There are inherent issues with these security methods as well. Security guards are costly, susceptible to human error and can be a liability if injured on the job. Guard dogs can be easily restrained or incapacitated, may damage the property and can cause harm to non-intruders. Some consider guard dogs to be in-humane.

Board up vs Steel – Trust the Experts to Secure a Vacant Property: Use DAWGS Security Screens

Unlike board up, the best vacant property security solution to limit your liability and protect your investment and other assets is DAWGS steel security screens. Door and Window Guard Systems

Board up is an eyesore

Board up lowers property values.

DAWGS) manufactures, installs and maintains impenetrable, attractive steel panels that keep your vacant properties secure and improve curb appeal.

Compared to plywood, DAWGS panels are equipped with a unique bracing system that does not cause any damage to the window or door frames. The bracing system holding the security screens in place is only accessible from the inside of the building. DAWGS window guards are also modular, this allows them to cover openings of practically any shape and size. DAWGS steel door panels are key-coded, providing managed access to the property so you control who can get in and out of the property.

Another benefit DAWGS steel security screens have over plywood board up is airflow. Air gets in while intruders stay out. DAWGS are reinforced with heavy-duty steel, sporting a unique single-piece construction that doesn’t crack under pressure. All DAWGS window screens come with aeration holes that let in fresh air and sunlight and are easy to insulate so you can heat your property all winter long. 

Steel panels don’t just offer better protection against break-ins, increasingly, cities and states are passing eyesore laws that ban plywood as a vacant property security method. Ohio was the first state to ban the use of the material in early 2017. Since then other communities have followed suit with the trend expected to continue. City and state lawmakers are banning plywood board up as a means to keep vacant properties secure while fighting neighborhood blight.

Protect your investment, improve curb appeal, stop break-ins and crime with the strength of steel door and window security screens. 

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