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vacant property security

DAWGS provides vacant property security services anywhere in the continental US.

Keep your assets safe and secure with DAWGS steel door and window guards.

See DAWGS in action. Watch the video.

A vacant property is a vulnerable property

DAWGS patented steel door and window guards eliminate the risk of break-ins or tampering. Installed by our highly responsive, flexible labor crews, DAWGS door and window guards stay firmly in place with virtually no risk of being compromised.

Our skilled technicians are available on short notice to take down and reinstall guards whenever you need, making vacant property security more convenient than ever before. Get a quote and start protecting your property today!



Eliminate Break-ins

The result is a secure, code-compliant property, which means on-time and on-budget projects.

Improves Curb Appeal

DAWGS neutral color and simplistic design improves property appearance with unmatched security.


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What People Say About DAWGS

DAWGS products and services have helped us to ensure that we are able to meet our constantly changing needs while saving substantially on security costs.

I don't like having to deal with security issues. When DAWGS handles the security, I feel confident that everything is taken care of. Period.

Hands down the best security company for rehab properties!! No other company is more effective with amazing customer service! I should know I sell more rehabs in the area than anyone else. I trust DAWGS to protect my investor's homes. Simply the best! Thanks guys!

Awesome service. Major deterrent! Will use again and again and again! Keep doing what you do DAWG! Thank you for the most stress-free experience in my life. I could actually sleep at night!

Nancy was amazing with all of the rescheduling due to my GC. She's the best!

I love working with Dawgs

The installation went smoothly and the installers were professional.

Quinten was fantastic! He was very timely with the quote, discussed options and even oversaw the project in person! Who does that? We went from conversation to installation in 1 day! The equipment they use is up-to-date not like the old crap from another local competitor. I highly recommend DAWGS to anyone who is trying to protect their investment!

Provides a very professional and timely service.

I was pleased with the service provided by Dawgs. The staff was always kind, professional and helpful.

I am very satisfied with my installation. The crew was awesome.

A to Z the best service provided by Nancy and Juan.


DAWGS door guards feature a true 6-point locking system, just like a bank vault.

Plus, they are modular, so we can secure any size and shape, giving you the freedom to come and go without worry.

Unlike electronic doors that are susceptible to glitches and cold-weather freezing, this unique mechanical design grants you full access with no surprises. There are no hinges or handles, so the only people that can use this door are the people you give access to. And DAWGS heavy duty steel doors can’t be kicked down or broken, so once it closes behind you, you’re completely secure inside your property.


The modular design of these window guards allows us to cover windows of practically any size and shape, and with our unique bracing system, we do it without damaging your property. The bracing system that holds these DAWGS in place is only accessible from the inside, and can only be handled by an authorized installation team, quickly and effectively eliminating the threat of intruders.

DAWGS are reinforced with heavy duty steel, sporting a unique single-piece construction that doesn’t crack under pressure. All of our window guards come with aeration holes that let in fresh air and sunlight, and are easy for our teams to insulate so you can heat your property all winter long.

A/C Guard

A/C Guard is DAWGS answer to air-conditioning copper theft and whole-unit theft in vacant properties. DAWGS A/C Guard is specifically designed to secure air conditioners. Copper theft continues to plague vacant properties, DAWGS A/C Guard provides the ultimate security against copper theft and theft of air-conditioning units.

Parking Lot Guards

Parking Lot Guards are a steel barricade used to protect the exterior of vacant commercial properties. Made from 14 gauge steel, the Parking Lot Guards creates a strong visual and physical deterrent for vacant restaurants, chain stores and other commercial buildings.

DAWGS Door-Only Solution

There are times when it is not necessary to secure an entire property with window and door guards, in these cases, DAWGS offers a Door-Only Security Solution.

Real Estate Professionals do not always require an entire building to be secured with door and window guards, they just need to provide easy access for realtors to come and go to show their properties.  Keeping track of keys and lock boxes can be a headache to manage.  A lost key may mean a lost sale.  With the DAWGS coded Steel Door Guard, realtors can provide easy access to realtors and prospective buyers to come and go as needed.


No two properties have identical needs, so we customize every security strategy to best fit your own. When you call in DAWGS Vacant Property Security, we quickly and thoroughly assess your property before offering you a quote that includes all of our signature services.


Our flexible, trained installation teams can be at your property whenever you need them, ensuring that you aren’t left vulnerable waiting for reinforcements. We carefully document the entire installation process, giving you the peace of mind that only comes when every accessible entry point is completely secure. Because DAWGS use a one-of-a-kind, patent-pending installation system, our installation teams are trained to effectively seal every door and window without causing any damage to your property.


Whether you need to call off the DAWGS temporarily or permanently, our fast-response crews can be on the property whenever you need them. The proprietary design that makes our door and window guards so secure ensures that only our trained crews can remove them, and we always document the process to make sure that your property is never damaged. Need your DAWGS taken down for just a short period of time? Our crews can be on site in 24 hours for all of your removal and reinstallation needs, with minimal cost to you.

Oakland Vacant Property Protection Experts

DAWGS will install our patented steel door and window guards anywhere in the continental US. Our skilled technicians are available on short notice to take down and reinstall guards whenever you need, making vacant property security more convenient than ever before.

Want to see DAWGS in action? Look for us in Oakland neighborhoods!


Since 2009, the engineers and real estate pros at DAWGS have been revolutionizing the building security industry, one door, one window at a time. As a leader in Oakland vacant property security, our impenetrable, proprietary door and window guards are uniquely designed to prevent theft, vandalism, occupation and are better than board up too.

How DAWGS protects Oakland vacant property

DAWGS patented steel door and window guards eliminate the risk of break-ins or tampering. Installed by our highly responsive, flexible labor crews, DAWGS door and window guards stay firmly in place with virtually no risk of being compromised. Our skilled technicians are available on short notice to take down and reinstall guards whenever you need, making vacant property security more convenient than ever before.

Who Uses DAWGS

DAWGS door and window guards are perfect for Oakland vacant properties, whether you need daily access or simply the peace of mind that your property is protected. They’re for anyone needing reliable, hassle-free vacant property security solutions.

If you have a vacant property, DAWGS will keep your building safe.


Construction & Rehab

When you’re rehabbing or restoring an existing property, our door and window guards protect your building and everything in it. With DAWGS, working on-site is safer than ever.

Public Housing

Securing buildings makes communities safer for everyone. Protecting your vacant properties with our steel window and door guards prevents them from becoming hotspots for crime and vandalism.


Claims cost you time, money and energy. The security our door and window guards provide enables you to move faster while reducing setbacks like additional damage and theft-related claims.

Schools & Hospitals

Schools and hospitals are at the heart of most communities. Protecting vacant or partially-vacant schools and hospitals with DAWGS steel window and door guards keeps them safe from intruders.

Real Estate Owners & Agents

When real estate owners and agents know their property is safe, they can show and sell it faster and easier than ever before. Our door and window guard systems ensure that you’re never at risk when you’re on the job.

Emergency Management

Securing homes and buildings quickly after a natural disaster such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and fires is critical to avoid compromising safety and property security.


REO/Foreclosure properties are often targeted for theft, vandalism and unauthorized occupation. Our door and window guards keep trouble out, no matter what form it takes.

Retail & Commercial

When vacant retail and commercial buildings are not properly secured, they can become hotspots for crime, vandalism and squatters.


Vacant properties can attract crime and destabilize neighborhoods, leading to a cycle of disinvestment and decay.
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