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Connie Brown lives in the Englewood neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois. Her home is next to a vacant property that is in the process of being renovated. During the months of renovation, the vacant boarded-up home was broken into on three separate occasions over a short 2-month period.

The motive for the break-ins was burglary, burglary of appliances and building materials. The thieves took a furnace, a water heater and other building materials, primarily copper for resale. Mrs. Brown, living in such close proximity to these criminal acts, was concerned about her own safety and the security of her property and valuables.

In Spring 2015, all of a sudden the break-ins to the neighboring property stopped. Pleased, yet curious about what caused the criminal activity to cease, Mrs. Brown walked next door to try and find out what had changed. She observed that the door and windows were secured with DAWGS steel door and window guards. She took down the DAWGS number, 877.88.DAWGS and went home.

Once home, she called DAWGS and simply asked “What’s the Magic?” Bob, the representative at DAWGS who took the call was not clear what she meant, so he asked her to elaborate. She went on to tell him about the break-ins to the vacant property and how they suddenly stopped after the DAWGS guards were installed. Bob explained that DAWGS steel door and window guards patented design are impenetrable and that the coded door guards make it easy for approved contractors to come and go with ease.

With renovations on her own house scheduled to begin, Mrs. Brown enlisted DAWGS to secure her property.   Mrs. Brown commented on her experience with DAWGS “I could not be more pleased with the DAWGS products and customer service. Not only am I confident that my property and valuables are secure, but the look and design of the DAWGS guards add curb appeal that a board-up solution cannot. I would highly recommend DAWGS for securing vacant property”.

About Door and Window Guard Systems

DAWGS (Door And Window Guard Systems) is a full service vacant property security company. Our flexible, fast-response teams install and remove DAWGS equipment to ensure that your property is always secure. DAWGS currently has operations in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C. and will be expanding into other new markets soon.

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