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Hottest Markets for 2018 Include Tech Hotspots, Southeastern Charmers

The U.S. housing market is hot, with more than half (52.6 percent) of all homes nationwide worth as much or more than they were at the peak of the national housing boom in April 2007.

Some markets, though, have proven hotter than others – kept at a boil by healthy income growth, abundant job opportunities and above-average housing appreciation.

It’s largely those markets that will continue to be hot in 2018.

San Jose, Calif., tops the list of hottest markets for 2018

Home values in the Silicon Valley hub gained 17.4 percent over the past year – the fastest growth among the 50 largest metro areas – and it tops Zillow’s list of hot markets for 2018, as high-paying tech jobs continue to keep pace with climbing housing costs.

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