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DAWGS secures vacant properties in Kansas City, MODAWGS Vacant Property Security, a provider of steel window and door guards for vacant property security, announces expansion of operations to the Kansas City, Missouri market.  Kansas City and the surrounding areas have long been plagued by vacant properties and the dangers associated with them. Vacant properties depress property values, de-stabilize neighborhoods and if not properly secured, they attract a criminal element.

By adding a warehouse in Kansas City, DAWGS Vacant Property Security is positioned to support the Missouri Abandoned Housing Act. This state statute is intended to take control of abandoned properties to rehabilitate them, restore them and get families living in them again.

As a leader in vacant property security, DAWGS highly secure, proprietary door and window guards are uniquely designed to prevent theft, vandalism, and uninvited occupation. DAWGS steel door and window guards keep vacant and abandoned property secure, while providing managed access to the building as needed during the renovation process.

DAWGS door and window guards also fight blight.  They blend in with the surroundings and provide an aesthetically pleasing alternative to other board-up options. According to Nick Oberhouse from DAWGS Vacant Property Security “DAWGS is excited about our expansion into Kansas City. In addition to supporting Missouri and Kansas’ neighborhood revitalization initiatives, the expansion will also bring employment opportunities to the area.”

As DAWGS continues to expand their operations into new markets – they help to stabilize and revitalize blighted communities across the country.

DAWGS Vacant Property Security is more than just a provider of steel door and window guards. It is a partner in the fight against blight and crime in Kansas City, MO, and other markets across the country. By securing vacant properties, DAWGS helps property owners and investors save money and time, while supporting neighborhood revitalization and security. If you have a vacant property that needs protection, contact DAWGS today and get a free quote. Don’t let your property become a target for vandalism or squatters. Let DAWGS guard it for you.