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Schools, hospitals, mental health campuses, nursing homes and colleges, are typically integrated within residential areas. Surrounded by homes, these facilities are often used as a central hub for community activities, which is a great benefit of being surrounded by neighborhoods.

If the neighborhood demographic changes, facilities consolidate or move, or funding is reduced, these public facilities may be forced to close. When a former community hub becomes a vacant building, it can spell trouble for the surrounding community. These vacant and abandoned properties feed the self-perpetuating cycle of blight.
Vacant buildings, especially those with plywood board-up or broken windows, send a message to the community that the neighborhood is in trouble. The abandoned buildings do more than just create an eyesore and bring down the value of surrounding areas, they become hotspots for squatters and crime. The illicit activities that occur inside an abandoned building pose health and safety risks to individuals who walk past these structures daily. This is especially true when a school property becomes vacant and children frequent the area.

DAWGS Steel Door and Window Guards Solutions to Secure Vacant Property

For decades, plywood was the go-to material to cover doors and windows on vacant properties. The problem with plywood is it is easy for squatters or would be criminals to bypass. DAWGS has been providing steel door and window guards for more than a decade. DAWGS steel alternatives to plywood boarding are both attractive and virtually impenetrable. It not only adds curb appeal to the property, but it protects the vacant buildings and the surrounding neighborhoods from squatters and criminal activities.
DAWGS steel vacant property security solutions are rented, not purchased, which makes them reusable and more cost effective than plywood. This is especially true now that the effects of the pandemic have caused building material prices to soar.

DAWGS continues to be the go to choice for property investors, rehabbers, housing developers, realtors, and housing authorities to protect their vacant property assets.

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