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The Cook County Land Bank Authority (CCLBA) in Illinois was formed in 2013 to address the large inventory of vacant residential, industrial and commercial property in Cook County. The mission of the CCLBA is to acquire, hold and transfer interest in real property.  The Cook County Land Bank Authority also promotes re-habitation, revitalization and reuse of vacant properties.

The CCLBA finds DAWGS Security Doors with a built in locking mechanism to be a far superior solution for vacant property security to that of standard doors or lock boxes.

The “built in code” alleviates the concern for broken door locks, stolen lock boxes and missing keys while providing a deterrent to intruders. The DAWGS solution helps to move properties at a swifter pace, which aligns with the goals of the CCLBA.

“Working with DAWGS has improved the logistics required to ready a property for sale and has also accelerated the sales process. The result is a quicker turnaround from the time we acquire a vacant property to the time it can be resold or reused.” stated Robert Rose, Executive Director at CCLBA.


Robert Rose, Executive Director at CCLBA with Steve Werner, Director of Business Development at DAWGS

The Cook County Land Bank Authority and DAWGS partnership is helping to fight blight in many neighborhoods throughout Cook County. Realtors, investor, renovators, insurance companies and disaster restorations companies are also seeing the value of using DAWGS coded doors to secure their property and improve logistics. The value of dependable access to a vacant property rather than the unpredictability of a key or lock box is important in an industry where time is money.