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For more than a decade, DAWGS has donated equipment and provided vacant property forcible entry training for first responders and fire departments nationwide. While having DAWGS steel door and window guards on a vacant property greatly reduces the chance of a fire, due to the inability of squatters to reside in the residence, there are cases when a fire or other emergency occurs at a DAWGS-secured property.

There are specific techniques a first responder must know to effectively bypass and remove DAWGS steel door and window equipment from a secured property. As a result of very thorough training between DAWGS and first responders, these techniques are regularly used in the field. 

To carry out this critical training, DAWGS partnered with Chris Minichiello, FDNY and Principal of East Coast Rescue Solutions to provide staff and equipment for the hands-on “Forcible Entry ‘Keys’ to the Job” training at the FDIC event. The training provided students with a well-rounded look at realistic scenarios they could face on the fire ground and gave them hands-on time in class to gain proficiency in these skills.

The Fire Department International Conference (FDIC), took place on April 25-30, 2022 in Indianapolis, Indiana. FDIC International is North America’s largest fire event with more than 35,000 attendees from across the US and worldwide. The conference provides industry professionals with new tools and techniques to take back to their hometown department, share with their peers and ultimately help keep their communities safe.

Chris Minichiello commented “The Forcible Entry training with DAWGS staff and equipment was very well received. Many of the students have encountered DAWGS equipment in the field, others were new to the technology. All attendees left the training with the confidence to manipulate the mechanisms and force doors in restricted spaces and limited to zero visibility.”

The DAWGS team has a longstanding belief and tradition of giving back to the communities they serve and the industries they support. Supporting first responders with training and equipment is an example of that commitment.

Director of Operations for DAWGS Ryan Welage attended the conference and facilitated the training “Attending FDIC and training with Chris and the ECRS team gave DAWGS a great opportunity to provide real life forcible entry skills that attendees can take back to their departments across the US. We look forward to supporting future training efforts.”

About East Coast Rescue Solutions

East Coast Rescue Solutions (ECRS) was created by firefighters who understand the importance of having the right training in critical situations. The ECRS team consists of active firefighters and officers of the FDNY and City of Atlanta Fire Department that have experience working in Special Operations. Their philosophy is that no firefighter should ever be left behind and they bring that philosophy to every course they teach and every product they sell.