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Managing a portfolio of investment properties remotely can be challenging, especially when those properties are vacant and vulnerable to criminal activity.

Sally Stallworth, Owner of Sweet Home Detroit knows that all too well. As a property manager residing in California and managing empty properties in Detroit, she experienced several break-ins, theft, and vandalism with her Detroit assets. Due to time constraints and pandemic-related travel restrictions, she could not travel regularly to her properties to coordinate security. 

From her previous trips to the Detroit area, Stallworth had seen many vacant properties secured with DAWGS steel door and window guards. When she inquired with a Detroit contractor about their experience with DAWGS, she was told: “nobody gets past DAWGS security.”

Intrigued, Stallworth contacted DAWGS (Door and Window Guards Systems) about securing her properties. She could remain out of state while the DAWGS team secured her vacant properties.

DAWGS Delivers Peace of Mind 

Stallworth’s comment after partnering with DAWGS:

“After experiencing break-ins and appliance theft using plywood board-up, I was ready to try another security solution. After I had DAWGS installed I was literally able to sleep better at night, knowing my properties were safe and secure, DAWGS gave me frequent updates and photos of the entire security process”.

Benefits of Remotely Securing Empty Properties with DAWGS

  • Remote management of property security allows owners, investors, and lenders to avoid unnecessary travel and save time and money.
  • DAWGS impenetrable steel door and window guards stop break-ins. This eliminates the cost that can arise from stolen materials and contractor tools, as well as the cost that accompanies property repairs resulting from break-ins.
  • DAWGS coded door guards provide safe, reliable, and managed access to the property – there is no need for cumbersome and unreliable lock boxes.

If you need to secure an empty property, locally or remotely, DAWGS has you covered with our turnkey vacant property solutions. DAWGS patented steel door and window guards eliminate break-ins.

Vacant buildings tend to be attractive trespassers. Here are a few tips to make sure it is protected. Have your neighbors watch over your vacant home. Make friends with them and share your contact details (or the property manager’s) so they can call if something suspicious happens.

DAWGS steel door and window guards are the best options in the market to prevent vandalism. We’ve tested our products in some of the toughest neighborhoods of cities like Chicago, LA, Detroit, and New York, and our steel door and window guards – with their heavy-duty steel material and unique mechanical design – are what your vacant home needs to be protected.

At DAWGS, we take your property security seriously.

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