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Steve Werner, Director of Business Development at DAWGS with Mark Buford, Board Member and Director of Outreach and Sponsorship for Deaborn Realtist Group

Chicago, IL – January 14, 2015:  Door And Window Guard Systems Inc. (DAWGS), a provider of steel window and door guards developed for vacant property security, kicked off 2015 by sponsoring and participating in The Dearborn Realtist Board – 2015 New Year Networking event.

The event kicked off what is sure to be an exciting year in Chicago real estate. Other key supporters and participants in the event included the City of Chicago, The Cook County Land Bank Authority (cclba), the Department of Housing and Urban Development and Citibank.

During the well attended networking event, real estate brokers, developers, rehabbers, investors, housing agencies, title agencies and homebuyers were given the opportunity to learn about new real estate initiates and plans for the upcoming year. The supporting sponsors also presented resources that are available from the City of Chicago and other committed partners, like DAWGS, to help the attendees meet their 2015 business goals and objectives.

The Dearborn Realtist Board ( has a rich history. The organization was formed in Chicago, in 1941 by African American Real estate professionals out of a need to secure the right to equal housing opportunities, regardless of race, creed, or color. For more than 72 years, DREB has participated in meaningful legal challenges and has supported legislative initiatives that ensures the availability of fair and affordable housing for all.

“The partnership DAWGS has formed with The Dearborn Realtist Board is an important one. Both organizations have demonstrated their commitment to ensuring equal housing opportunities are afforded to all Americans.” states Steve Werner representative at the event and Director of Business Development at DAWGS ( Steve adds, “Both of our organizations have our roots in Chicago, we each have a vested interest in maintaining and improving the value of Chicago’s diverse and cultured neighborhoods.”