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DAWGS is always looking for ways to support the men and woman who have selflessly served the United States in military duty. In spring of this year, Chicago’s American Legion Post #2091 was in need of a new location.  DAWGS donated time and materials to secure Legion Post #2091 during the rehabilitation of what will serve as their new location. In addition to the donation, DAWGS hired veterans to work on the project. The new location for American Legion Post #2091 is scheduled for completion by the end of 2015.

Alderman Brookins (far left) with Commander Hendricks’ and the Legion Post Veterans

Alderman Brookins (far left) with Commander Hendricks’ and the Legion Post #2091 Veterans

Giving Back

Donating time and materials for the American Legion Post rehabilitation is just one way that DAWGS gives back to local heroes. DAWGS also actively works with veteran organizations and associations to secure work for veterans. Posting positions on veteran job boards continues to be a win-win for DAWGS. They support America’s heroes, and in-turn receive terrific hires.

DAWGS does not only work with retired veterans, they also have a flexible program to employ active duty individuals in the National Guard as well as in the many branches of the Reserves.

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