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DAWGS Vacant Property Security has a history of supporting the communities they serve. With DAWGS headquarters located in Chicago, it made perfect sense to partner with Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin and Metropolitan Chicago to fill local open positions within the organization.

DAWGS worked directly with Goodwill’s Workforce Connection Center in Englewood to fill open positions within the Chicago metro area. Through it’s Workforce Connection Centers, Goodwill provides free employment resources for job seekers. Their work is especially critical in the Englewood community, one of the hardest hit communities in Chicago with most households below poverty level: 32.3% Unemployment rate: 37%.

Working with Goodwill proved to be a win-win solution. DAWGS was able to find great talent from a local reliable source. Prospective candidates found employment, which means DAWGS is supporting Goodwill’s workforce development leaders mission of connecting people to work and preparing people for life.

DAWGS has been working with Goodwill for more than a year and has had great experiences with both the Workforce Connection Center team and the candidates they hired. “Working with Goodwill has been seamless,” commented Ryan Welage, Director of Operations at DAWGS. “We were provided with one contact who was dedicated to our account. We know the candidates they send us have been trained and they meet the job requirements.”

Employment Services Representative, Judith Ball stated about the DAWGS working relationship, “It has been a pleasure working with Ryan. He provides me with a thorough job description, I screen and vet the prospective employees for him and together, we are able to provide meaningful employment opportunities for job seekers. DAWGS is an outstanding employer who really cares about helping to strengthen their community, which is aligned to Goodwill’s commitment to transform lives and communities through The Power of Work.

Goodwill Industries of Metropolitan Chicago

Goodwill Industries is a non-profit community organization which provides training, employment and supportive services for people with disabilities or disadvantages who seek greater independence. DAWGS has hired multiple job seekers from Goodwill’s Workforce Connection centers, focusing directly on hiring from the communities we serve in.

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