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East Coast


Door And Window Guard Systems Inc. (DAWGS), a provider of steel window and door guards for vacant property security, announces expansion of operations to East Coast cities including Philadelphia, PA, Wilmington, DE and Camden, Trenton, and Newark, NJ.

DAWGS has helped the real estate markets and blighted communities in Chicago, Detroit, and Ohio. The expanded East Coast coverage will help with neighborhood revitalization efforts across the country.

Vacant properties depress property values and destabilize communities. Additionally, vacant properties that are not properly secured attract a criminal element. DAWGS steel door and window guards keep the property secure, allows realtor and contractor access as required, while keeping crime at bay. DAWGS door and window guards also fight blight. They blend in with the surroundings and provide an aesthetically pleasing alternative to other board-up options.


Recently, real estate professionals and restoration companies have been turning to DAWGS for their door-only property security offering. In the case of real estate agents, the coded steel door secures the property and eliminates the need for a lock-box and the missing key issues accompanying it. For emergency restoration companies, managing the multiple vendors coming and going from the property can be a logistical nightmare. The DAWGS door guard allows the restoration company to grant access to contractors as required without the need to manage keys and coordinate meetings.

According to Jim Glass, Partner and Vice President of Engineering for DAWGS, “DAWGS has helped turn around blighted and declining neighborhoods in Chicago, Detroit, NW Indiana and parts of Ohio. We are pleased to now be able to offer our property security services to communities in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey. The expansion will also bring needed employment opportunities to the communities we will now serve.”


The Cook County Land Bank Authority (CCLBA) will have some help keeping the county’s vacant properties intact through a recent exclusive security agreement with the vacant-property security company Door and Window Guard Systems (DAWGS).

The CCLBA was founded in 2013 to help facilitate the purchase and redevelopment of vacant and blighted properties in the county.

To make these properties less vulnerable to burglary, vandalism and other criminal elements while the CCLBA rehabilitates and transitions the properties back onto the market, CCLBA will install DAWGS’ steel door and window guards on its buildings. The guards function on a key-less, lock-less electronic coding system that can be controlled remotely by CCLBA.

“We made the decision to partner with DAWGS because they offered a solution to a serious, ongoing problem,” CCLBA Executive Director Robert Rose said. “Now that we are working with DAWGS, we no longer have these challenges; we are able to get vacant properties back to the community quicker, more efficiently and with fewer concerns on security.”