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The Cook County Land Bank Authority (CCLBA) was formed to stabilize blighted neighborhoods and stimulate redevelopment and return properties to productive use. The CCLBA also promotes economic development by generating jobs and providing affordable housing.

The CCLBA deals with a host of asset management issues as it holds vacant properties. Lock boxes often go missing or keys are not returned. Front doors can be compromised resulting in break-ins. These issues slow down the process of getting properties into the hands of qualified investors and homeowners.

The CCLBA took a proactive approach and consulted with the security experts at Door and Window Guard systems (DAWGS). DAWGS listened to the concerns of the CCLBA and created a customized solution to alleviate the problems associated with missing lock boxes and keys. DAWGS installed their proprietary coded steel doors on CCLBA properties which were allowed the CCLBA to control access to the properties without compromising the security.

“We made the decision to partner with DAWGS because they offered a solution to a serious, ongoing problem”, says Robert Rose, Executive Director of CCLBA. “Now that we are working with DAWGS, we no longer have these challenges; we are able to get vacant properties back to the community quicker, more efficiently and with fewer concerns on security.”

DAWGS steel door and window guards keep the CCBLA properties safe and secure from break-in. The coded door guards provide managed access to the property – without the hassles of keys or lock-boxes. The land bank can manage who enters the property and the contractors can feel secure and comfortable leaving their tools and equipment in the property. DAWGS is proud to support the mission of the CCLBA and is now the exclusive provider of vacant property security for the Cook County Land Bank Authority.


The Cook County Land Bank Authority was formed in 2013 to address the growing inventory of vacant residential and commercial properties in Cook County, Illinois. The Cook County Land Bank Authority (CCLBA) is the largest land bank by geography in the United States – their mission is to acquire vacant property, hold it and then transfer the ownership of property throughout the county. This promotes redevelopment and reuse of vacant properties. Learn more at