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Business developers in Chicago know that vacant buildings can be a serious issue when it comes to safety. The brutal, sub-freezing temperatures Chicago experiences in the winter months make vacant homes especially inviting as a shelter from the wind and temperatures.

The longer a property remains vacant, the more likely it will become a target for crimes like vandalism and theft. Chicago is full of derelict buildings, and many criminals walk the streets feeling like they have the pick of the litter. Property owners and managers may feel they are at the mercy of passersby and luck when determining the likelihood of a break in, but that’s simply not the case.

With a little bit of planning, owners and managers of job sites, vacant buildings, foreclosures, and renovations can rest easy knowing they won’t have to deal with the headaches and paperwork in the aftermath of vandalism, damage or theft to their vacant property.

Secure the Property

Security measures such as using steel security window covers and a door guard on buildings that aren’t lived-in or worked-in yet is the first and probably most efficient way to prevent break-ins, damage, vandalism, and theft in Chicago. Steel security door and window covers mean that no one will be able to break a window or door and hop right in.

Get the Job Done Quickly

Speed up the process of renovations and occupancy in your properties, this may mean securing just the portions of the property that are vacant. If people live or work there, there’s less inclination for criminals to try and sneak in to steal work equipment. In the meantime, using a door guard will keep intruders out.

Maintain Premises

Do not let the area around the vacant buildings go unattended. A shoddy lawn simply begs Chicago’s criminal element to take notice. Aside from maintaining the landscaping, it is important to keep the surrounding grounds clean and free of debris. The building should look well taken care of in order to help deter vandalism.

When you need a high level of security for vacant buildings, DAWGS Inc. has the offerings you will find most efficient for property security and board-up in Chicago and the Metro Chicago area.

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