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securing vacant properties

Evaluating 4 Methods for Securing Vacant Properties

When properties are vacant prior to or during repair and renovation, building owners often evaluate different methods for securing the vacant property to protect it from break-ins, vandals, squatters, or thieves.

We’ve compared various vacant property security options below:

Plywood & Board-Ups

Plywood window boards are perceived as being the most affordable method of vacant property security – however, plywood is an obvious outward sign that a building is vacant or abandoned. Plywood also portrays that the neighborhood may be in decline – especially when multiple buildings in a neighborhood are boarded up using plywood.

Security Cameras

The problem with security cameras in distressed areas? Surveillance cameras are expensive and easy to steal. In addition, simple disguises or the ease of disabling a camera can often hide the identity of intruders and vandals.

Security Guards

Guard dogs and security guards are less common than plywood boards and cameras because they are expensive and more difficult and time-consuming to maintain. On-site manpower involves putting someone’s life at risk, particularly if the dog or guard encounters a criminal who has the potential to become dangerous.

Steel Door and Window Guards

The best alternative for vacant investment property security is steel door and window guards. Steel is stronger, more durable and more attractive than plywood and very effective at keeping intruders out of the building. Coded steel door guards provide unsurpassed security and managed access to the property as needed.

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The Cost of Fighting Community Blight

The blight inflicted on communities by vacant properties is undeniable; in fact, a new white paper suggests just one year of vacancy causes around $150,000 in damages—namely due drops in property value, increases in crime, and increases in costs to police and fire departments that service the area.

An Open and Shut Case for DAWGS Steel Door Guards

DAWGS steel door and window guards provide unparalleled, impenetrable security.

In some cases, DAWGS provides a steel door guard-only solution. In a situation where securing the entire property with steel door guards plus window guards is not necessary, the DAWGS door guard-only solution is available.

When it comes to securing vacant properties, DAWGS security reviews and proven cost-effectiveness speak for themselves. The results of using DAWGS steel door and window guards to secure vacant properties include secure assets, faster turnaround times, on-time and on-budget projects.

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