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Quarantine means spending way more time at home—and for some people, that also means noticing everything you want to change about your space. But is now a good time to take on a major renovation project?

Probably not, experts say.“If you’re not already in the middle of a renovation, I don’t think right now is the time to start a big project,” says Katie Kurtz, a real estate agent in Minneapolis and home design blogger at Adorned Homes. “You could get into the middle of it and realize you need help with it, and you’re probably not going to be able to find anyone to come in.”

In compliance with social distancing guidelines, many contractors are limiting the number of people on work sites, which means projects are taking longer than usual, Kurtz says.

So, which projects should you avoid tackling during a pandemic?

  1. Anything that requires precious PPE
  2. Sky-high projects on a ladder
  3. Projects that bring too many cooks into the kitchen (or bathroom, or living room…)
  4. Projects with heavy equipment or materials
  5. Noisy projects that annoy the neighbors
  6. Demolition that generates lots of garbage
  7. Expensive projects that overly improve your home

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