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Consumers have been spending lots of time at home these past few years, and by now, they’ve probably finished out that basement to make space for a home office, created a yoga room and enjoyed plenty of s’mores around that newly designed fire pit in the backyard. So, what does 2023 hold for further decorating our homes?

The biggest overall trend: break free from the norm and personalize your space. We are in an era where anything goes, as we have the freedom to no longer be Pinterest-perfect.

This could mean bringing in a budget-friendly accent wall in a bold color that aims to lift our mood or a new rounded couch that feels like a cocoon. Consider this an era of personality-driven design.

1. Walls Molded or Wrapped

Builders, investors and home flippers are using more creative molding designs for accent walls or tiles with graphic backsplashes. They’re incorporating more fun patterns in wallpaper.

2. Unusual Lights

Lighting will play a pivotal role in setting the tone and illuminating any space. Quirky lighting fixtures, from dramatic chandeliers to modern swirls and even linear works, are not only making a glam statement but are becoming a conversational piece of art in a home. The hottest trends are pendant lighting over a dining table, wall sconces to free up square footage and lights that create a scene or mood in a space via a smart lighting system.

3. Color, Color, Color

Plenty of color is in the forecast! After all, we need some pop against all the white home decor. Pantone calls out its 2023 Color of the Year as Viva Magenta—an empowering red that is bold and encourages self-expression.

Indeed, homeowners are going big and bold. We will see lots of earthy tones, warm neutrals, Barbiecore-influenced pink hues—and all shades of it, too. For example, Sherwin-Williams’ Redend Point could offer an experimentation with rich, dark accents to add depth and drama to a space. Whether pink or yellow, homeowners are incorporating color pops throughout a home.

4. Curvy Touches

Simple, modern and clean lines are a popular concept but can be so square. Why not break lines with an archway entrance to a long hall or a master bathroom to create an instant statement? A continued hot trend for 2023 is curved furniture, from sofas to coffee tables, poofs and even small home accessories.

Curves, soft edges and arched shapes in the home are visually appealing, adding softness and sophistication to a space. And it fits right in with “Comfortcore”—a key design ingredient for 2023.

5. Dramatic Contrasts

Black hardware was hot last year, and it will continue to be this year, too. It’s all about bringing in dark, rich tones and textures. That includes darker, moody accent walls in a bedroom as well as black interior doors. These create drama and also define the borders of a living space. This note of Dark Academia design encourages vintage, mystery and maximalism. It can also channel in some cozy, warm vibes—that is, when it’s done right.

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