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Cold weather conditions present new risks to vacant properties. Freezing temperatures can make vacant properties hotspots for squatters, fires, vandalism, and theft.

Make sure you have taken the necessary steps to safeguard your vacant property assets with DAWGS steel door and window guards and our cold weather checklist.

DAWGS Cold Weather Checklist for Vacant Properties

  1. Check with your property insurer to find out if they have any specific cold-weather requirements to keep your property covered.
  2. Turn off the water at the exterior. Make sure that the water supply is turned off completely at the main supply point.
  3. Open all faucets and drain all water lines to prevent pipes from bursting.
  4. Check gutters for trapped water, ice, or other blockages. If unchecked this can cause pipes to shatter
  5. Clean the property to keep pest infestations at bay.
  6. Turn off the utilities such as gas and electricity. This will reduce the risk of a gas leak and deter potential squatters.
  7. Inspect your home for openings that animals could use to enter. Make sure your fireplace flue is closed, as bats, birds and squirrels can get inside this way.
  8. Unplug all unnecessary appliances
  9. Remove all fire hazards
  10. Check the roof for damage. Ice and snow can make roof issues worse if not kept in check.

By following these steps, and securing your property with DAWGS, your properties will remain safe during the cold weather months.


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