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Even for those who can afford to buy right now, the current crisis presents as many challenges as it does opportunities. Real estate investors will undoubtedly find more good deals on properties than usual. You better believe there are plenty of motivated sellers out there right now. But what about the risks that landlords face in the current coronavirus pandemic?

As you evaluate the market and decide whether to invest during the COVID-19 pandemic, consider the following opportunities and risks carefully, and make your own personal risk/benefit analysis.

The Opportunity for Real Estate Investors

Early data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows that far more buyers have withdrawn from the market than sellers. By late March 2020, fully 48% of Realtors reported buyers pulling back, while only 16% of sellers said they wanted to pull their listings.

So, housing markets are already seeing the balance between supply and demand tilt dramatically to favor buyers. Demand is disappearing, while supply is remaining relatively stable.

Some home sellers can afford to wait this out, of course. But others face some urgent need to sell, and can’t afford to sit on the sidelines. They need to sell now, even if it means a sharply lower sales price than they hoped.

According to Darren Robertson of Northern Virginia Home Pro, those motivated sellers create an enormous opportunity for real estate investors. Motivated sellers have always made up the bread and butter for off-market deals, and in the coming months, many sellers will find themselves forced to accept lower offers, given the dearth in home buying demand.

That makes this a perfect time for investors to pursue distressed sales, using tools like Propstream. It’s a great time to aggressively negotiate real estate deals.

Stock owners don’t need to keep their stocks. But everyone still needs a place to live, which is why real estate tends to do just fine even in recessions.

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