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Even though the real estate market has shown signs of bouncing back as of late, there are still plenty of vacant houses out there. While they may show signs of being potentially bought or rented soon, it’s still a good idea for real estate agents to protect the property while it’s vacant. There are several different ways to protect a vacant home against potential crime, from simply upkeep to a more proactive move of using metal window guards and a door guard on the entrances.

Maintain the Grounds

Maintaining a clean look surrounding the home is key to making the property look like someone is watching over it rather than simply ignoring it. Making sure plants are watered, not withering away, and that the lawn is neatly mowed rather than allowed to grow show would-be vandals or thieves that their crimes would be swiftly noticed and pursued. Homes shouldn’t look as though no one ever stops by to check up on them; if that is the case, vandalism is more likely to take place, and if a building looks unsecured, it becomes an easy target. Of course, if more security is desired, systems like a door guard on the front and back doors, as well as using metal window guards to ensure windows aren’t broken and the home isn’t broken into, are available.

Security Covers on Windows and Doors

Although using security systems on doors and windows is a more serious way to maintain safety and security on a property, it’s never a bad idea to add more security to a vacant property. Getting a home sold is the end goal, and if you have to deal with things like interior vandalism, the process may take much longer, especially if the home is damaged to an extent that requires more than just cosmetic fixes. Use a door guard system to prevent people from breaking in through doors, and use metal window guards to keep people from vandalizing windows and breaking in that way.

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