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1st Place Winner for Best Halloween Decorations

1st Place Winner for Best Halloween Decorations

When Zachary Rowe, Executive Director for Friends Of Parkside, approached DAWGS to sponsor its Annual Parkside Halloween Party, the DAWGS team didn’t hesitate to help out. Friends of Parkside (FOP) is a non-profit, community-based organization located on Detroit’s east side, in The Villages of Parkside, a public housing community. The purpose of FOP is to promote solidarity and help build self-esteem for the youth in the complex, by providing educational and employment-related resources. 

DAWGS sponsored Parkside’s 2019 Halloween Party, but due to COVID-19, a 2020 traditional Halloween Party was not possible. The children of Parkside were disappointed, and it served as yet another reminder of the impact the pandemic is having on their young lives. In spite of COVID-19, FOP was able to provide the Parkside children with a safe, fun-filled Halloween experience. “I really appreciated Brandon’s quick response to our request. Without DAWGS’ support, the event would not have been possible”, Zachary Rowe said. 

The COVID-compliant Halloween celebration involved delivering treat bags filled with candy, chips, dental care products, books, and other fun items to approximately 200 children between the ages of 3 to 12. In addition, the Friends of Parkside organization held a Halloween costume contest for children and the best Halloween Decoration Contest for parents.

Despite the pandemic, the first FOP “Reverse Trick or Treat” celebration was a success. The children of Parkside and their parents were able to have a safe Halloween celebration.

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