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D.A.W.G.S. (Door And Window Guard Systems) manufactures and rents attractive steel panels (Door and Window Guards) used to cover door and window openings on vacant buildings. Our vacant property security solutions eliminate break-ins and many of the other problems associated with vacant property.

Property investors, property managers, housing authorities rehabbers and real estate professionals trust D.A.W.G.S. to keep their vacant properties secure.


Top 5 Reasons Realtors Choose DAWGS to Secure Their Properties

vacant property securityWhy Realtors Choose DAWGS

When real estate owners and agents know their properties are safe and secure, they can show and sell them faster and easier than ever before. Information collected from a recent survey revealed the top 5 reasons real estate professionals choose to secure their properties with DAWGS steel security solutions:

  1. No safety concerns – When a property is secured with DAWGS, realtors feel safe showing the property. DAWGS stops break-ins, so real estate professionals can rest assured that there are no squatters or criminal activity at the property.
  2. No lockboxes or key management – With DAWGS coded steel doors, there is no need to coordinate keys and lock boxes. Managed access to the property means properties can be turned quicker.
  3. Maintains property value. No break-ins, no theft – improved curb appeal, ensures the property will maintain its value and won’t compromise the value of other properties in the neighborhood.
  4. Streamlined approval process. Several institutional and large banking customers ask for DAWGS by name to secure vacant properties, especially in distressed neighborhoods.  Securing with DAWGS speeds up the approval process.
  5. Faster rehab projects. If a property needs to be rehabbed prior to sale, DAWGS steel security solutions ensure materials and tools can be left in the property without the threat of theft. On-time, on-budget projects lead to higher profits.

DAWGS flexible, fast-response installation teams can put up and take down DAWGS window and door guards whenever you need them.

DAWGS Boosts Profits for Out of Town Lender

DAWGS vacant property security

A California-based mortgage lender recently experienced break-ins, squatters and other security issues with their Chicago property portfolio. Rather than send a representative to Chicago to coordinate the eviction and security of the properties, they turned to Chicago-based, vacant property security experts DAWGS (Door and Window Guard Systems) to completely manage the process.

DAWGS Took Care of Everything

Once the lender reached out to DAWGS, the DAWGS team managed the entire project seamlessly. The customer was able to remain out of state while a DAWGS project manager coordinated with multiple vendors on the lender’s behalf to facilitate the eviction of default tenants and empty the property.

Once the property was empty, DAWGS installed their patented steel door and window guards. DAWGS patented door and window guards prevent break-ins, while the coded-doors allow for managed access to the property. Throughout the process, DAWGS kept the customer apprised of the progress at each property through constant communication, including photographic status updates.

Because several of the lender’s Chicago buildings were multi-family properties, DAWGS secured each individual unit as default tenants were evicted. The properties were then converted to fully-secured buildings ready to be safely and securely rehabbed.

Lender Increases Profits With DAWGS

DAWGS not only provided convenience and peace of mind by remotely managing property security for the lender’s Chicago property portfolio – DAWGS was able to decrease expenses and increase profit dramatically:

Remote management of the property enabled the lender to save time and money that would have been spent sending a representative to the property locations to manage the eviction and security process.

DAWGS impenetrable steel door and window guards stop break-ins. This eliminates the cost that can arise from stolen materials and contractor tools, as well as the cost that accompanies property repairs resulting from break-ins.

DAWGS coded door guards provide safe, reliable and managed access to the property. This means contractors can leave their tools and come and go as needed. Real estate agents and buyers are guaranteed access to the property – there is no need for cumbersome and unreliable lock boxes.

The result – the lender was able to rehab and sell/rent their Chicago properties in a fraction of the time by working with DAWGS.

If you have a need to secure a property, locally or remotely, DAWGS has you covered with their turnkey vacant property solutions. DAWGS patented steel door and window guards eliminate break-ins and are Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae approved. For more information or to get started, call (877) 883-2947 or Get a Quote today.

The Neighborhood Names With the Highest—and Lowest—Home Prices

What’s in a name?

Well, when it comes to neighborhoods, it’s something that could actually signify how much homes within itare worth. And we found the data to prove it!

Perhaps not surprisingly, the highest average home values in America were found in neighborhoods with beachy-sounding monikers, according to a recent report from Porch. The online home improvement marketplace included only names mentioned at least 25 times in neighborhoods as defined by the U.S. Census.

And not all waterfront words are created equal. Average property values in neighborhoods with the word “island” in them are the highest, at $440,386. And yes, this too makes plenty of sense. Who wouldn’t want to escape the grind on some scenic isle?
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Can Student Loans Lead to Foreclosures?

For many parents, sending kids to college is a large added expense. But for some parents, taking on

this expense may even resultin foreclosure of their homes according to an analysis by Ameritech Financial, a document preparation company. Ameritech Financial said that parents should consider student loans carefully, and think about applying for income-driven repayment plans to remain financially sound.

Parents might be inclined to apply for additional loans to fund their child’s education according to Tom Knickerbocker, EVP of Ameritech Financial, “because they think their kids aren’t ready to deal with the financial consequences of missing payments on loans, or worse.”

One way of solving this dilemma would be to get student loan borrowers to apply for income-driven repayment plans that may reduce their monthly student loans, Ameritech Financial advised.

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DAWGS Rescuing Dogs

Door and Window Guard Systems (DAWGS) doesn’t just keep vacant properties secure, they have saved and rescued many dogs while out in the field installing their steel door and window guards.

Paul Schornak, Eastern Regional Manager for DAWGS has himself rescued a total of eight dogs. Some were found roaming the streets near properties he was securing – he managed to coax them into his car and take them to a non-kill animal shelter.

Two of the dogs Paul rescued were chained up in the backyard of abandoned properties. These poor dogs were just left behind when their owners moved out of the property. If it were not for Paul’s kind actions these dogs most likely would not have survived.

Paul’s Dog Roxy

Paul has managed to get the abandoned dogs he rescued into good and loving homes. He even decided to keep one of the dogs himself, a brindle terrier mix he has named Roxy.

Currently Paul has another rescued dog living with him. He is fostering this dog while looking to find him a good home – or he may end up keeping him for a sibling to Roxy.

Paul and the rest of the dog-loving DAWGS team will continue to rescue and save homeless, abandoned, forgotten dogs they encounter on and off the job.





Do You Live In One of the 10 States With the Highest Foreclosure Rates in the US?

The U.S. home foreclosure rate is in decline as the U.S. economy continues to recover from the 2008 recession, and other indicators of the state of credit show that overall, consumers are doing pretty well in the credit spectrum.

But that’s not the case in some states. Overall, U.S. residential home foreclosures fell 27% in 2017, down to 676,525—the lowest figures since 2005, according to Attom Data Solutions.

The overall mortgage debt increased 3% from 2016, and is up close to 10% from 2007. However, mortgage delinquency rates have not followed that trend.

On average, one in every 1,776 U.S homes (and 575,560 overall), is currently in foreclosure according to RealtyTrac. Yet some states, like South Dakota, North Dakota and Vermont, have much lower home foreclosure ratios (in South Dakota, for example, only one in every 11,082 homes were in foreclosure in 2017) than the states on the “most foreclosures” list.

On the higher home foreclosure front, it’s primarily coastal states, and not America’s bread basket, that are experiencing higher foreclosure rates. Here’s a closer look at the 10 U.S.

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The Best Cities to Buy an Investment Property

The average home increased in value from $194,500 in 2015 to $205,000 in 2016, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. That is an impressive return of nearly $11,000, or about 5%, for American homeowners. Relative to income that extra $11,000 is equivalent to the average American household receiving a raise of 19% on their annual income. But when it comes to investing in the real estate market, location is everything. Some cities are better bets when it comes to buying an investment property, thanks to more affordable mortgages or lower property taxes.

In order to find the best places to buy an investment property, SmartAsset looked at five factors. Specifically we looked at effective property tax rate, rent-to-home-value ratio, demand for housing, home value appreciation and rent costs. Check out the data and methodology below to see where we got the data and how we put it together.

Key Findings:

West is best – If you are looking to make your fortune in the real estate market, head west. Florida and Texas are the only non-western states to rank in the top 25. In fact, only seven states are represented across the top 25 cities.

Invest in California – The top 25 is dominated by Golden State cities. In total nine of the top 25 cities are in California. In general this state has not done a great job of building housing for all the new residents. This has led to growth in home values and rents which is a good sign for people invested in the California housing market.

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Vacancy: America’s Other Housing Crisis

As empty homes sit in purgatory, neighborhoods fray and cities are left to pick up the bill.

The image of America’s housing crisis is of pricey, increasingly unaffordable housing in superstar cities. And there is too little housing—a scarcity—in those places. But there is another, even more disturbing side to America’s housing crisis: vacancy, and in some cases hyper-vacancy, in the nation’s hard-pressed Rust Belt cities.

This other side of the housing crisis is the subject of a new report published by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. The report, written by Alan Mallach of the Center for Community Progress, examines the extent of housing vacancy across America’s cities, identifies its staggering economic and social costs, and outlines policies to address it. Mallach uses data from the U.S. Census and U.S. Postal Service to identify vacant properties.

While housing vacancy has long been a problem in America, especially in economically distressed places, vacancies surged in the wake of the economic crisis of 2008. The number of unoccupied homes jumped by 26 percent—from 9.5 to 12 million between 2005 and 2010. Many people (and many urbanists) see vacancy and abandoned housing as problems of distressed cities, but small towns and rural communities have vacancy rates that are roughly double that of metropolitan areas, according to the study.

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Vacant property survey: Steel shines for security

vacant property security DAWGSINC.comDAWGS (Door and Window Guard Systems) recently conducted a survey about vacant property security. The goal of the survey was to poll investors, owners, rehabbers, asset managers and sellers of vacant property to understand the issues they face when securing a vacant property in economically distressed areas. The survey also provided insight into the preferred method/material used to secure a vacant property in economically distressed areas.

DAWGS team has long promoted the benefits of steel over alternative materials when it comes to securing vacant property. The survey validated that steel is the preferred material used by vacant property owners and managers to secure their properties. The survey also highlighted some of the concerns vacant property stakeholders face.

Brandon, VP at DAWGS noted “The survey validated much of what we have been promoting about the benefits of steel for strength, security and accessibility to vacant property. The survey also allowed us to gain insight into the vacant property security concerns unique to each stakeholder.”

 Preferred Material to Secure Vacant Property

 The survey revealed that when securing property in economically distressed areas, hands down, steel is the preferred material over plastic clear boarding and plywood:

Answer Choices Responses
Wood board up 7.14%
Plastic board up 7.14%
Steel board up 85.71%

Security Concerns

The top vacant property security concerns were different for realtors, for owners and for investors. Realtors top concern was safety when showing a property. For rehabbers, the main concern was theft of materials or tools from the job site. Investors and asset managers were concerned about the liability of fire or crime at the property.

Where all respondents did agree – was that steel is their material of choice used to secure vacant properties. Steel was revealed as the best choice to mitigate the risks associated with securing vacant property in economically distressed neighborhoods.

The top security concerns for the entire respondent base overall were as follows:

Percentage of respondents concerned about:
Liability of fire or crime at property 75%
Copper theft from property 71%
Theft of materials from job site 68%
Squatters or drug use in property 68%
Realtor safety when showing property 57%
Perception of foreclosure’s impact on other property value 50%
Allowing passersby to look inside property while under construction 50%

For anyone who works with vacant property in economically distressed areas, property managers, asset managers, rehabbers or realtors, the material used to secure and protect their property interests really does matters. It is clear from the DAWGS vacant property survey that steel is the material of choice.

The 20 Hottest Housing Markets Right Now just released its hottest market list. Compiled from June data, studied listing searches in each U.S. market along with supply, demand and prices.

The list revealed surprises. For the first time in six years, California markets did not rank in the top five.

“California is not as hot as it was. It’s because of low inventory and median home prices in some areas that are close to a million dollars,” explains’s Chief Economist Danielle Hale. “We are seeing people looking elsewhere to less expensive areas,” Hale adds.

The markets hitting three sweet spots—limited supply, strong demand and prices rising made the hottest market list. Days on Market ( calls it Median Age of Inventory) is a key indicator determining a market’s health. That number averaged only 34 days in’s top 20 markets nationwide.

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