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What will the 2020 Real Estate Market look like?

More of the same, or will we see some of the trends begin to shift? Real estate experts were asked to weigh in with their predictions for 2020. They provided their expectations across commercial and residential real estate, interest rates, and even what governments and private sector companies could do this year to impact the affordability crisis.

8 Trends Real Estate Experts are Predicting for 2020

  1. Retail closures will continue to be a problem for landlords.
  2. Rent control will spread more widely, eating into investor interest in higher-cost markets.
  3. Mortgage rates will fall to record lows.
  4. Homebuilders will keep focusing on starter homes.
  5. Venture capital will fund new real estate models in 2020.
  6. The private sector will bring new solutions to the affordable housing crisis.
  7. Investor appetite for Opportunity Zones is going to weaken after the 2019 rush.
  8. Clashes over multifamily housing developments will increase and get more heated.

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