Mortgage News: Staying Afloat

  >>  Posted by admin under Real Estate on July 11, 2017

Staying Afloat Over the last 12 months, the number of underwater mortgages in the U.S. has fallen 35 percent, According to the […] Read More

Top 25 Best Places to Flip Houses for 2017

  >>  Posted by admin under Real Estate on July 11, 2017

With intense competition from U.S. and foreign buyers alike, a house flippers biggest concern is just finding properties which can be acquired […] Read More

Foreclosures: The 10 worst states

  >>  Posted by admin under Real Estate on June 12, 2017

Home foreclosures have fallen nationwide to a new post-recession low. Foreclosures in April 2017 were down to a level not seen since […] Read More

What are the best methods for protecting vacant investment properties?

  >>  Posted by admin under Security, Vacant Property on June 09, 2017

Evaluating 4 Methods for Securing Vacant Investment Properties When investment properties are vacant during renovation, building owners often evaluate different methods for […] Read More

DAWGS: Securing Chicago’s History for the Future

  >>  Posted by admin under Vacant Property on May 23, 2017

When the City of Chicago needed to secure one of its oldest landmarked and vacant buildings – the historic Raber House, they […] Read More

Which Cities Have the Most Abandoned Properties?

  >>  Posted by admin under Vacant Property on May 09, 2017

Abandoned Properties: The public health crisis that has seized Flint is only the latest struggle for the Michigan city, where one in six […] Read More

DAWGS Supports Chicago Based Lipstick Saints

  >>  Posted by admin under Community Outreach on May 09, 2017

DAWGS Supports Local Non Profit It was a chance meeting on a Chicago bound flight where Jim Glass of DAWGS (Door and […] Read More

The 10 best cities to buy a rental property if you want to make extra money on the side

  >>  Posted by admin under Real Estate on May 09, 2017

Starting a side hustle is a great way to generate passive income and boost your earning potential. Learn about the 10 best cities […] Read More

DAWGS Secures a Piece of New Orleans History

  >>  Posted by admin under Vacant Property on April 26, 2017

The Municipal Auditorium in New Orleans was opened on May 30th, 1930. The multi-purpose 7,853-seat arena is located within Louis Armstrong Park. […] Read More

DAWGS Rescuing Dogs

  >>  Posted by admin under Community Outreach on April 13, 2017

Door and Window Guard Systems (DAWGS) doesn’t just keep vacant properties secure, they have secured and rescued many dogs while out in […] Read More

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